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This product doesn't work with apple products


Input voltage: 0.9V ~ 5V

Output voltage: 5V

Output Current: 600mA

PCB size: 17.55mm * 25.22mm *  5.85 mm  (no usb the height)

En bloc Size: 17.55 * 32.53mm * 8.3mm (with usb height)

1, input any DC voltage of 1V ~ 5V, output 5V DC voltage is stable, the input to the output current of 500 ~ 600MA with two AA batteries, a single AA battery power supply output current 200ma about for mobile phones camera, single-chip, digital products supply.

2, with USB female versatile

3, high conversion efficiency, up to 96%

4, ultra-small size, installed in a variety of small equipment

5, with working lights

0.9-5V to 5V 600mA USB Charger DC-DC Converter Step Up Boost Module

SKU: 1203-151793786433-CHI
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