Plastic Battery Holder for 3 AAA For Flashlight Torch Can be hold 3x AAA batteries
The metal column in the positive can be bounced to most fit the devices Using this battery holder
for 3pcs AAA battery to offer power to flashlights (not all this flashlight is compatible, pls check it)
Product properties:
Model: AAA
Material: Plastic and metal Hold 3 standard AAA batteries
Length: approx. 65mm
Diameter: approx 21mm
Net Weight: 7g 
NOTE: This item is special for AAA battery, it requires a battery sleeve adapter(NOT included)
          If your flashlight battery tube diameter is smaller than 22mm, then this converter will not
          fit your flashlight. Please be aware of this before the purchase.
Package Included:
One Battery Holder for three AAA Batteries

1 PCs 3 AAA Battery Plastic Metal Holder Case Box Cylindrical For 18650 Torch

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