Brand new and high quality. This HRD converter is a voltage switching regulator providing capable of driving a 3A load with good performance and economic DCDC convertor. It is using HRD module with minimum components to provide fixture DC output 5V. 2x capacitors 220uF 63v & 470uF 25v to provide guard noise filter at input and output and power indicator LED. It can be become adjustable converter if add a variable resistor. Input voltage: Wide range of input 12-50v. Output Voltage: 5V. Output current: Rated current 3A. Conversion efficiency: Up to 80%. Input Capacitance : 50v330uf. Output Capacitance: 16v1000uf. Operating temperature: Industrial grade (-40 ℃ to +85 ℃). Full load temperature rise: 40 ℃. Connection mode: Jack with screw fix. Specifications: Original box: no Item size: 53*47*29mm Net weight: 46g Package weight: 55g Color: Black

1 PCs DC -DC HRD 12V 24V 36V To DC 5V 3A Car Power Step-down Converter Module

SKU: 1203-20580311-ODL