USB to TTL, TTL to USB Convert Module

Black --- GND, Green --- RXD, White --- TXD, Red --- +5V

Operating frequency is 12MHZ, suitable for USB 2.0 communication protocol
PL2303HX a 28-pin SMD SOIC package
Directly to the USB signals into serial signals
Baud rate from 75?1228800, there are 22 kinds of baud rate can choose
A total of five kinds of data to support 5,6,7,8,16 bits
After several complex environment of the module tests, stable performance
Industrial and SCM is the first choice for enthusiasts to use
Custom-made products according to customer needs
Length of the cable: 120 CM

USB Serial Cable
Chip Prolific PL2303HX

Note:this item does NOT support windows 8 system

1 PCs PL2303 USB/TTL/RS232 Convert Serial Cable Connector High Quality-Low Price