• Cost effective, single chip, 8-port ATM IMA and UNI processor.
• Up to 4 IMA groups over 8 T1/E1 links can be implemented.
• Supports MIXED mode; links not assigned to an IMA group can be used in UNI mode.
• Versatile PCM Interface to most popular T1 or E1 framers, reducing development time.
• Supports Symmetrical and Asymmetrical Operation.
• Supports both Common Transmit Clock (CTC) and Independent Transmit Clock (ITC) clocking modes.
• Supports T1 ISDN lines.
• Provides UTOPIA Level 2 MPHY Interface (MT90220 device slaved to ATM device).
• Complies with ITU G.804 recommendations for performing cell mapping into T1 and E1 transmission systems.
• Provides ATM framing using cell delineation according to the ITU I.432 cell delineation process.
• Provides Header Error Control (HEC) verification and generation, error detection, Filler cell filtering (IMA mode) and Idle/ Unassigned cell filtering (UNI mode).
• Provides statistics to support MIB.
• Connects to popular asychronous SRAM.
• Provides statistics on the number of HEC errors.
• 8 bit Microprocessor Interface, compatible with Intel and Motorola
• 3.3V operation / 5V tolerant inputs.
• MQFP-208 pin.
• JTAG Test support.



1 Piece MT90220AL - ATM PROCESSOR, 208 Pin, Plastic, QFP

SKU: MT90220ALL4A0974