�  Type: non-isolated step-down module (Buck)

�  Conversion efficiency: up to 95%

�  Operating temperature: -40 to +85?

�  Dimensions: 67mm x 62mm x 34 mm

�  Input voltage :4.5-32V ( please don't exceed 32V)

�  Output voltage :0.8-30V (continuously adjustable)

�  Output current :0-12A (Max.)

�  Out power: 100W, 200W (enhance heat dissipation)

�  Operating frequency: 300KHz

�  Short circuit protection: Yes (please try not to short-circuit)

�  Over temperature protection: Yes (automatically shutdown the output)

�  Input reverse polarity protection: Yes (can not be prolonged reverse)

�  Installation: terminals, needn't solder

�  IN+: input positive

�  IN- : input negative

�  OUT+: output positive

�  OUT-: output negative

�  size: 70mm*39mm*31mm

Package list:
 1pcs 12A 100W Adjustable DC Step Down Convert


12A 100W Adjustable DC Step Down Converter Battery 3.3/5/12/24V Power Supply

SKU: 1203-151515122023-CHI