1. Three ways to use the module

a. as a general step-down module with overcurrent protection capability;

b. As a variety of voltage lithium batteries, batteries, nickel-cadmium nickel-metal hydride batteries (battery pack) charger used for solar panels, wind turbines and other occasions;

c. used as a high power LED constant current drive module; 


2. Module parameters


Module name: 12A synchronous rectifier buck module, constant voltage constant current

Module nature: non-isolated step-down module (BUCK) synchronous rectification

Input voltage: 4-32V (limit 35V) Please keep the voltage margin.

Output voltage: 1.2-32V continuously adjustable (default output of about 18V, if the power to the module and found that the left and right rotary voltage potentiometer output voltage has not changed, you first turn the voltage potentiometer counterclockwise rotation of more than 15 laps)

Input and output minimum pressure difference: 0.8V

Output current: 0-12A long time natural heat within 8A, the temperature does not exceed 60 degrees. Please reduce power when the ambient temperature is high.

Output constant current range: 0-12A

Operating temperature: -40 ~ +85 degrees

Operating frequency: 150KHz

Conversion efficiency: up to 98% (efficiency and input, output voltage, current, pressure related)

Short circuit protection: Yes (limit current is current constant current value)

Input Reverse Protection: None (if required, enter the string in the input diode)

Output anti-backlash protection: none (if necessary, in the output string into the diode, for charging applications, please add the anti-diode between the output of the module and the battery, otherwise it will damage the module.)

Size (including shell): long, wide, high, 70mm * 40mm * 30mm.

Weight: 54g (including shell). 

3. Application

a, DIY a power supply, with constant current function, not afraid of the use of the process will be short-circuit, you can protect the load.

b, for your electronic equipment power supply.

c, for a variety of battery charging, according to different voltage and capacity of the battery set the charging voltage and charging current.

d, with solar panel power for a variety of battery charging, with constant current function, to prevent the battery overcharge, the effective protection of the battery.

e, drive high-power LED, free serial and parallel combination.

f, as a car power supply for your mobile phone, laptop or a variety of digital products. 

4.Set the voltage and current method

1, set the output voltage: according to the battery you want to charge the float voltage, or string, parallel to the LED voltage, adjust the constant voltage potentiometer (CV), the output voltage is set to the required voltage. (Without load)

2, set a constant current value: the first CC potentiometer counterclockwise 20 laps or so, with a multimeter 20A current file short-circuit output, adjust the CC potentiometer to you need to set the current value.

Note: constant current set when the voltage is higher than 1.2V, otherwise the constant current function will be invalid. 

pay attention

1. Please use this product, the module input and output are not together, this will cause the module's current sampling resistor is bypassed, so that the module can not adjust the output current size, then the case of large load easily Burn the module.

2. A customer reflects the module output voltage can not be adjusted, when you encounter this problem, please counterclockwise rotation of the CV potentiometer more than 20 laps, and then use the module can be normal adjustment of the voltage. Because the module factory, the default output voltage of about 18V. We are not responsible for the return of such questions and freight, thank you for your understanding. 

 Note : Long work to keep within 150W, the limit should not exceed 200W, otherwise it will burn ! 


Package Included: 


  1 x   12A Step down Module 

12A 200W Adjustable DC-DC Step Down Converter Module 4.5-30V to 0.8-30V

SKU: 1203-012531-NA