New upgrades to simplify, meeting the users' needs.

Increase the power supply anti-reverse function.

LED 3 digits display, intelligent control, time relay/delay function.

The use of opto isolated input and output, enhanced anti-jamming capability and consumption.

The last setting parameters can be memorized after power off.

Power saving function, one-key switch, can turn off the display.

To ensure stability, industrial grade PCB board. 

Working modes selection: after power on, long press K1 for 2s, later into the selection of modes: P1~3.

P-1: Monostable trigger delay, a signal to trigger relay, time is up, the relay disconnect;

P-2: A signal trigger and countdown begins, T1 seconds after, the relay open T2 seconds, then close;

P-3: Open T1 seconds, disconnect T2 seconds, infinite loop. Users can set the relay time T1 and T2;


Display: LED Digital Display

Voltage: DC 12V / DC 24V (Optional)

Timing Range(Settable): 0~999.9 seconds; 0~9999 seconds; 0~9999 minutes

Relay Specification: DC 5~30V 10A or AC 220V 10A

Static Current: 20mA

Working Current: 50mA

Working Temperature: -40-85°C

PCB Size: 65 * 38 * 18mm / 2.56 * 1.5 * 0.7in (L * W * H)

PCB Weight: 26g / 0.93oz

Package Size: 11.5 * 7.5 * 2cm / 4.53 * 2.95 * 0.8in (L * W * H)

Package List:

1 * Delay Timer Module

12V Multifunction Delay Time Module Switch Control Relay Cycle Timer

SKU: 1411-161980238393-CHI