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Module type: Non-isolated Booster Module (BOOST) 
Input voltage: 10-32V 
Output voltage: Continuing adjustable (36-60V) 
Output current: 10A (MAX) 
Input current: 16A(MAX) (Please strengthen the heat dissipation when the current exceeds 10A.) 
Output power: Natural cooling: 100W(MAX), strengthen the heat dissipation: 150W(MAX)actual power 
Perfectly work for 65W/90W Notebook, include dual core notebook 
No-load current: 25mA 
Voltage regulation factor: ±0.5% 
Dynamic response speed: 5% 200uS 
Short circuit protection: No (You can install the fuse or protective circuit at the input) 
Input reverse connect protection: No (Cascade diode at the input for the reverse connect protection) 
Mode of connection: No welding, terminal 
Size: Approx. 6.5*4.6*2.5cm (L*W*H) 

12V to 36-60V Car Power Adapter Booster Module Inverter Converter

SKU: 1203-151939007457-CHI
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