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100% Brand new and high quality 
All epoxy sealed containers with Waterproof Housing 
Light compact, convenient to use and transport 
Non-isolated,synchronous rectification 
High efficiency:>94% 
Reliable, low heat dissipation 
Low power consumption, high conversion rate 
With reverse connect protection, output short circuit protection, over current protection, over temperature protection, stable performance. 
Auto recovery 
Input range:DC 8~22v 
Output voltage:DC 5V 
Output current:3A 
Output power:15W 
Working temperature:-40 ℃-80 ℃ 
Total Cable length:Approx. 135cm 
Color:As shown 

12V to 5V 3A USB DC-DC Buck Converter Step Down Module - APPLE IPHONE COMPATIBLE

SKU: 1203-151400544965-FUL