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Mfr Package Description:         RADIAL LEADED
Capacitor Type:                 ALUMINUM ELECTROLYTIC CAPACITOR
Capacitance:                 2200.0  µF
Dielectric Material:             ALUMINUM (WET)
Manufacturer Series:             HFQ
Mounting Feature:             THROUGH HOLE MOUNT
Negative Tolerance:             20.0  %
Number of Terminals:             2
Operating Temperature-Min:         -55.0  Cel
Operating Temperature-Max:        105.0  Cel
Package Shape:                 CYLINDRICAL PACKAGE
Package Style:                 Radial
Polarity:                 POLARIZED
Positive Tolerance:             20.0  %
Rated DC Voltage (URdc):         35.0  V
Series:                     ECA (35 VOLT )
Tan Delta:                 0.14
Terminal Finish:             Tin (Sn)
Terminal Pitch:                 7.5  mm
Terminal Shape:                 WIRE
Diameter:                 18.0  mm
Length:                     31.5  mm

2 PCs Panasonic Capacitor 35V 2200UF 18x31.5 105C, 7.5mm LEAD SPACE Original Cap

SKU: 1101-ECA1VFQ222-PAN
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