Product: Single-Function Gate  
Logic Function: NAND  
Logic Family: LS  
Number of Gates: 4 Gate  
Number of Input Lines: 2 Input  
Number of Output Lines: 1 Output  
High Level Output Current: - 16 mA  
Low Level Output Current: 0 mA  
Propagation Delay Time: 45 ns  
Supply Voltage - Max: 5.25 V  
Supply Voltage - Min: 4.75 V  
Maximum Operating Temperature: + 70 C  
Mounting Style: Through Hole  
Package / Case: PDIP-14  
Packaging: Tube  
Brand: Texas Instruments  
Logic Type: 2-Input NAND  
Minimum Operating Temperature: 0 C  
Operating Temperature Range: 0 C to + 70 C  

2 PCs T74LS03B1 ( CROSS OF HD74LS03P 74LS03P 74LS03PC SN74LS03N )

SKU: T74LS03B1