LED Lamp:
Thru-Hole LED, Square, 0505, Red
Choice of various viewing angles
Available on tape and reel.
Reliable and robust
Pb free

TV set, Monitor, Telephone

Package Square
Mounting Through Hole
Type Square 5
Off State Lens Color Red Diffused
Typ. Dominant Wavelength 624nm
Viewing Angle 130deg.
Min. Flux 13mcd
Typ. Flux 20mcd
Test Current 20mA
Max. Forward current 25mA
Min. Forward Voltage 1.7V
Max. Forward Voltage 2.4V
Max. Pulsed Current 130mA
Min. Operating Temp. -40C
Max. Operating Temp. 85C
Packaging Bag
Min. Storage Temp. -40C
Max. Storage Temp. 100C

20 PCS Through Hole LED Square 0505 Red 583HD Indicator 5MM Diffused