This Power Supply Has The Temperature Protection, Over Current Protection And Short Circuit Protection, AC90 ~ 240V Input Voltage, Wide DC3.3V Output, Small Size, 431 Precision Voltage Regulator.

Use Environment:

1.Working Temperature:-20 ~ 60℃

2.Relative Humidity:40 ~ 90%RH

3.Technical Requirements:

- Input Voltage Range:85~ 240v

- Input Current:

0.0273A (AC110V)

0.014A (AC220V)

- Input Inrush Current: 20A

- Output Voltage Range:3.1~3.5V 0~ 600mA

- Output Power:2.5 W

- Output Efficiency:85%

4.Size:3 x 2 x 1.8 cm

Package Include:

1x Step Down Module


The End of the Step Down Module Can Be Conductive, Do Not Touch The Bottom of Template when you Test or to Use, Need Mattress Insulator Pad, Clean Cardboard Conductive things, Avoid Power Board contact to conductive objects such as Wire, so as to Avoid Electric Shock And Burn Out The Power Supply Board.

3.3V 600mA AC-DC Power Supply Buck Converter Step Down Module

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