1- Non-isolated between input and output.
2- Design meeting RoHS/CE.
3- 100% full stable output current.
4- 100% full load burn-in test.
5- Water level IP68.
6- Internal capacitor: NCC & Nichicon (High reliability).
7- Die-cast aluminum shell, epoxy potting.
8- Cooling by free air convection.
9- High efficiency, up to 100,000 hours of service life.
10- LV, OV, OT and OL protections.


Input rated voltage:              36V/48V DC

Input voltage range:             32-60V DC

Efficiency:                             94%

Output voltage:                     12V DC

Output current:                     5A

Output power:                       60W

Voltage regulation:              <1%

Load regulation:                   <2%

Ripple & Noise:                    70 mVp-p

No load loss:                         20mA

Working temperature:          -40c – +80c

Water rating:                         IP68

Dimension:                           64x57x22mm

Weight:                                  about 110g

Input cable type:                   18AWG(R+ \ B-)

36V 48V (32V-60V) Step Down to 12V 5A DC Converter Regulator Power Module

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