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Capacitance: 100µF
Capacitance Tolerance: ± 20%
Capacitor Terminals: Axial Leaded
Diameter: 8mm
Ripple Current (mA): 170
Height: 16mm
Lead Spacing: -
Lifetime @ Temperature: 2000 hours @ 105°C
Operating Temperature Max: 105°C
Operating Temperature Min: -55°C
Packaging: Each
Product Range: MCAX Series
Leakage Current (mA): 0.05
Voltage Rating: 50V

2 PCs ALUM CAPACITOR 100UF 100MF 50V AXIAL (replacing 40V 35V 25V 16V 12V 10V )

SKU: 1110-CEB1HGE101-PAN_5
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