Functional Description
Switching power supply with a temperature protection, overcurrent and short circuit protection AC90 to 240V wide voltage input, high and low voltage isolation, DC5V output, compact 431 precisely regulator.
1. Use of bad environment
Operating temperature: -20 to 60 ° C
Relative humidity: 40 to 90% RH
Technical Requirements

2.Input characteristics
Input voltage range: 85 V ac to 265 V ac
Input Current: 0.0273 (AC110V) 0.014 (AC220V)

Input surge current: 20A

3.output characteristics
Output regulation characteristics
Output voltage range: 4.90 ~ 5.1V
Output Current Range: 0A to 650mA, the peak current of 800mA

 4.Other output characteristics

Output power: 3w. Maximum 3.5W

Output efficiency: 85%

Switch machine overshoot: 10%

Output rise time: 100ma functions

Output power protection: recovery characteristics: lock, restart recovery

Short circuit protection: recovery characteristics: deadlock recovery after restart

Temperature protection: recovery characteristics: locked, restart recovery

Overcurrent protection: recovery characteristics: deadlock recovery after restart


4.Dimensions: Length X width X height = 4X1.5X1.8 (cm)



packing incuding:1x5V 600mA switching power supply board

5V 600mA switching power supply board power supply module 3W LED board power

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