With mounting hole, with input and output EMI filter circuit has a temperature protection and short circuit protection, AC85 ~ 265V wide input voltage DC5V voltage output, compact, full-featured.

PCB Model HXP-5V1A

1 input characteristics

Input current of 0.065 (Wiring AC110V) -0.032 (AC220V) A (under full load)

Input surge current 20A (full load)

Input Voltage AC 85-265v 50/60HZ (full load)

2 output characteristics

Output voltage of DC5V (± 0.1V)

Output current of 1000mA

Output efficiency of 85% (at rated load)

Output ripple 150mv

Power 5W

Volume of 5.1 * 2.4 * 2.0 (cm)

Ambient temperature -20 to 60 ° C

Relative humidity 40% to 90% RH

Switching machine overshoot 150%

packing including :

1x 5V 1A built-in industrial power switching power supply board

85-265V to 5V 1A industrial power switching power supply board Power regulator

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