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Features: Pcb size: 30mm x 20mm Input voltage: 90V to 240V AC 50HZ/60HZ Input current: 0.0273(AC110V), 0.014(AC220V) Input surge current: 20A (full load) Output voltage: 15V (±0.2V) Output current: 350mA, 500mA(peak) Output power: 5.3W, 6W (Max.) Output ripple:150mV Output efficiency: 80% Output Rise Time: 100ms Switch machine overshoot: 10% Operating temperature: -20 to 60 °c Relative humidity: 40 to 90% RH Storage: dry indoor MTBF: more than 16,000 hours (25 °c,80% load) High/low voltage isolation, 431 voltage regulated,EMI filter circuit, with indicator Applied to Power supply for adapter, industrial equipment, MCU and LED lights,etc. Protection function: Output overvoltage protection: locked, restart recovery Output over power protection: locked, restart recovery Short circuit protection: locked, re-starting recovery Temperature protection: locked,re-starting recovery Overcurrent protection: locked,re-starting recovery Installation: A, Input/output terminal pins soldered directly to PCB B, Gluing fixed Package Include: 1x Switching Power Supply Module

AC to DC Converter AC 85-265V to DC 15V 350mA Isolation switching power supply

SKU: 1202-161559197681-CHI
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