1. This machine is connected to the car battery power, it can achieve 24-hour electricity.

2. car parking stall may continue to supply to the tachograph achieve 24-hour video surveillance.

3. With automatic detection of the car battery voltage and low-voltage protection, over-voltage and low voltage, ensure the car can normally play to start.

4. The machine unique to the tachograph charge indicator for the low pressure alarm indication when battery low, the tachograph charge indicator will continue to flash to alert the user to switch off the device or charge the battery ignition, without people on duty case, driving Logger charge indicator flashes continue to guarantee the lowest limit of the ignition voltage (less than 11.6V), the unit will automatically turn off the power, the charge indicator turns off tachograph stop recording work, thus ensuring the normal car ignition, charging indicator light indicates the battery is fully charged, ease of use.

5. This machine input voltage: 8V-36V, low voltage protection threshold is approximately 12V car below 11.6V, 24V car lower than 23.2V.


Product parameters:

OBD 16 Pin

Charger Port: mini USB

Input voltage: DC 8V-36V

Output voltage: DC 5V + _5%

Output current: 2000MA

Cable Length: 3.5m ( 11.48ft )


package includes:

10 x OBD micro DC Converter cable

Car Charger OBD DC Converter Module 12V 24V To 5V 2A with mini USB Cable

SKU: OBD-DC-Converter-12V