The main parameters of the module:
Input voltage: DC 9V-32V
Output voltage: 5.1V
Output current: 3A*2. Two circuits, each with two USB ports, each supporting a maximum of 3A; the module's total maximum current can reach 6A.
Module size:
Bare board size: 55*46*20mm (length*width*height)
Bare net weight: about 28g
Fixed hole spacing: 47*38mm
Input connection mode: 5.5*2.1 female seat, with positive and negative inside. With 5.5*2.1cm specifications of the male head can be. Compatible with 5.5*2.5cm, but relatively tight. Pay attention to the input without reverse polarity protection, positive and negative polarity can not be reversed.

The main protection function of the module:
No-load current <2mA
Output over-current protection (over 3.5A protection)
Input over-voltage protection (more than 32V does not start, limit voltage 45V)
Input undervoltage protection (about 8V)
Output short circuit protection (short circuit off output)
Output overvoltage protection (if the chip is out of control, the output voltage is too high, it will be limited to 6V)
Reverse input protection
Input 5A fuse

Support mobile phone charging protocol:
Divider1/Divider2/Divider3 charging protocol (for Apple)
D+/D- set 1.2V mode (Samsung only)
BC1.2 DCP and CTIS YD/T 1591-2009 Charging Protocol
Special reminder: QC Qualcomm fast charge is not supported, OPPO/VIVO VOOC fast charge is not supported, and SCP/FCP Huawei fast charge is not supported.


DC 12V 19V 24V to 5V 6A Module 4 Four USB Mobile Car Charger Power Supply

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