• 100% Brand new

  • Provide 2 USB charging ports for auto

  • Module Properties: non-isolated buck

  • Light compact, convenient to use and transport

  • Rectification: synchronous rectification

  • All epoxy sealed containers with Waterproof Housing

  • Operating Temperature: Industrial (-40°c to +85°c) (ambient temperature exceeds 40 degrees, lower power use, or to enhance heat dissipation)

  • With overload/over-current/overheat/low voltage protection, stable performance.

  • Short circuit protection: sustainable, self-recover


  • Input voltage: 12V

  • Red line: Positive

  • Black line: Negative

  • Output interface: 2 Type A USB Female Ports (For USB charging devices, like cell phones, DC...)

  • Output voltage: 5V

  • Output Current: 3A Max

  • Output Power: 15W

  • Conversion efficiency: up to 96%

  • Soft-start time: 500mS

  • Output ripple: 50mV (MAX) 20M-bandwidth

  • Dynamic response speed: 5% 200uS

  • Input Cable length: 100cm   Output Cable Length:35cm

DC Converter Buck Module 12V to 5V 3A Double USB Output Power Adapter for IPHONE

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