1. Dimensions:4.6cm x 3.1cm x 2.1cm

2.Input voltage:AC 90V~240V 50/60HZ

3.Output voltage:DC 12V (±0.2V) 5V(±0.2V)

4. Output Current:800mA/100mA

5. Output power: 10W

6. 90V~240V AC InputConstant 12V /5VDC Output ,Ultra small,Precision,With indicator

7. Applied to the power adapter,industrial equipment,microcontroller,LED lighting power supply,and etc

Wires connection

AC input:Does not distinguish between live line and null line.( Please refer to the above image)

Protection functions

1. Shortage Protection

2. Temperature protection

3. Overcurrent protection

Package Include

5x Switching Power Supply Module

Isolation AC to DC switching Power Supply AC 85-265V to DC 12V 5V dual out