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Output Current: 1.5A (min), 2.2A (typ)
Input-output voltage differential (VI-VO): 40Vdc (max)
Adjustable output voltage range: 1.2 ~ 37V
Operating temperature: -55 ° C to +150 ° C
Current output: 1.5A
Voltage Input: 4.2 ~ 40 V
Operating temperature: 0 ° C ~ 125 ° C
Characteristic frequency: 100 (MHz)
Module size: 35.6 (mm) x16.8 (mm)
Input Method: VIN input is level, GND Input Negative
Output: VOUT output positive stage, GND output negative
Size: 3.5x2.1x1.7cm(approx)

Linear DC-DC Converter Buck Step Down Low Ripple Module Power Supply LM317

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