■ Thermocouple Amplifiers
■ Strain Gauge Amplifiers
■ Low Level Signal Processing
■ Medical Instrumentation
■ Guaranteed Max Offset: 5µV
■ Guaranteed Max Offset Drift: 0.05µV/°C
■ Typ Offset Drift: 0.01µV/°C
■ Excellent Long Term Stability: 100nV/√Month
■ Guaranteed Max Input Bias Current: 30pA
■ Over Operating Temperature Range:
Guaranteed Min Gain: 120dB
Guaranteed Min CMRR: 120dB
Guaranteed Min PSRR: 120dB
■ Single Supply Operation: 4.75V to 16V
(Input Voltage Range Extends to Ground)
■ External Capacitors can be Returned to V– with No
Noise Degradation

Linear Technology - LTC1052CN Zero-Drift Operational Amplifier - DIP14