Easy to use, no instructions, all of use are marked on the board
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  1 x TB6560 Driver Board 

1, About how to use which has been marked on the board, greatly facilitates the use;

2, the onboard 5V power conversion chip, no separate control power input;

3, the control signal input of the high-speed optical coupling (2630) Isolation, ensuring high-speed signal transmission and prevent the failure of the expansion;

4, TB6560 chip itself has over-current self-protection, automatic overheat protection function, no external fuse to protect the lights when prompted;

5, power, running lights were prompted;

6, with a large heat sink to ensure good heat dissipation;

7, semi-flow mode adjustable, semi-flow current adjustable, with a variety of semi-liquid semi-flow mode and current setting function;

8, the decay mode adjustable motor lock can be done without noise;

9, the use of high reliability surface-mount devices, plant machinery welding, improved product reliability;

7. Drive the overall size: 75mm (L) * 65mm (W), four mounting hole size: 66mm * 56mm, hole size Φ4mm;

Rated voltage:


DC 12V-24V


Maximum current: 3.0A

Current adjustable (Current Settings):
0.5A, 1A, 1.5A, 1.8A, 2A, 2.5A, 3.0A

Subdivision adjustable (Excitation Mode):

Attenuation adjustable (Decay Mode):

0 %---- no decay mode

--- 25% of the slow decay mode

--- 50% of the normal mode

100% - Fast Decay mode

----- Decay mode through the regulation of the motor to match different

impedance, thereby eliminating the noise when locked stepper motor and motor movement in the shake.


Automatic half current setting (Torque Settings):
20 %---- no pulse when the current 20% to normal operating current

50 %---- no pulse current 50% to normal operating current

75 %---- no pulse current 75% to normal operating current

100% --- no pulse when the current 100% to normal operating current

New TB6560 DC Stepper Motor Driver Board 3A Controller

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