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Module Properties: non-isolated step-up module (BOOST) 
input voltage: 2.5-6V (Under-voltage indicator)
Output voltage: 4-12 V (Adjustable, the default 5 v) 
Output Current: the maximum 1000mA 
Efficiency: Up to 92% (the higher the input voltage, the higher the efficiency) 
Switching frequency: 1MHz 
Output ripple: 20mV (MAX) 
Operating Temperature: Industrial (-40°c to +85°c) 
Voltage regulation: ± 2.5% 
Short circuit protection: None (Please use the lithium battery with protection.) 
Input Reverse Polarity Protection: None 
Connection: Welding 
Input: IN + Postive, IN-Negative 
Output: USB Output

  • compatible with Apple products

DIY a mobile power supply, only need one battery, you can output 5V voltage for your phone, MP3, MP4, PSP charger, very easy. 
In order to power your electronic devices when your device needs 5V power supply, when you only have lithium battery, this module can be directly step-up to 5V, solve your problems.

  • Size ( L x W x H ): Approx. 1.3 x 0.7 x 0.5 inch / 3.3 x 1.8 x 1.3 cm

Step Up 3V to 5V 1A USB Charger DC-DC Converter Module for MP3/MP4 Phone

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